Gr 9


400m Blitz! 

Emihle Vakalisa came second in the 400m item in the NMB District Atletics Meeting at the Westbourne Oval on 26 February 22 in a time of 53.10. We are looking forward to the EC Provincial meeting that is comin up soon!

Tennis Star!

Okuhle Makabe Gr9C won a silver medal at the SA National Tennis Championships in Bloemfontein, February 2022. Congratiolations from the entire UIrban Academy, Okuhle - well deserved bragging rights to a rising young tennis star!

Our Gr 9 Creative Arts stars Term 2, 2021

We have seen some great achievements from Gr 9 Creative Arts learners. Congratulations and enjoy your bragging rights!

The highest mark for Creative Arts, Gr 9, second term 2021 was achieved by Sive Ndabula in 9C with 77%. Well done and congratulations from us all at Urban Academy.

Siviwe Nomanyama in 9A takes second place for Creative Arts with 68%. Congratulations!

Alulutho Poro from 9B nailed third place for Gr 9 Creative Arts with a good 67% - keep it up!


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