Gr 8

Tennis star is shining bright

Our congratulations to Okuhle Makabe Gr8C, who has been invited to a High Performance Clinic organised by Tennis SA for top tennis players in the E.C. He is preparing for the inter-provincial tournament which will be held in the W.C soon. Well done Okuhle, you may brag with your tennis achievements!


Best in English Home Language

Our congratulations to the following three girls who excelled in English Home Language and obtained more than 80% in term2, 2021, something that does not often happen! Well done, ladies!
Mpendulo Mbayo from 8E obtained the highest mark for English Home Language with an almost unbelievable mark of 86%, Well done - you may brag with the achievement Mpendulo!

Lisanda Magcaba  (8B) takes second place for EHL, 2nd term 2021 with 82%. Good work Lisanda, you are setting a great example.

Claiming third spot for English, term 2, 2021, is Sinawo Msebi (8F) with a great 81%. The three Gr 8 girls are the only Gr 8's breaking the 80% barrier! Well done girls, enjoy your bragging rights!



Leading the pack in Maths - Term 2 2021

It is our privelege to congratulate the following Gr 8 learners on their outstanding achievement in Mathematics, 2nd term 2021. You did our school proud and you are awarded some well deserved bragging rights for setting a great example!

Lisanda Magcaba Gr 8B, obtained the highest mark in Mathematics, a whopping 92% - Well done and well deserved bragging rights for top achievement in Mathematics, Lisanda!

 Sinabo Msebi, Gr 8F claims the second spot for Maths, term 2 2021 with a cool 87%. Well done, Sinabo!

Khemese Okuhle takes up third position for Maths Grade 8 with 86%. Cograts to the top 3 Gr 8 Maths learners and thank you for the example you set!


Tops in English!

Highest mark bragging rights for Gr. 8 English Home Language (Term 1, 2021) is shared by Indephile Dingalabula (8C) and Antlathla Mdzingwane (8D), both at 79%! Well done, girls!

Top reader

Sibabalwe Myezo (8A) is the proud receiver of our latest Urbanite bragging rights for prepared reading. She read herself to a remarkable 17/20 marks (85%) for her term 1, 2021 oral mark which is way smarter than the average group mark of 57%. Go ahead and brag with your oral skills, Sibabalwe, you deserve it! 

Smart Essay writer  

Indiphile Dingalubala is The winner of our smart essay bragging rights for the Gr 8 English home language narrative essay, term 1, 2021 is  Indiphile Dingalubala (8C). Indephile's 27/30 (90%) is 40% higher than the Gr8 group average of 50% for the essay. Congratulations and happy bragging, Indiphile!

Language guru

Mpendulo Mbayo receives Urban bragging rights for the highest mark in the Gr 8 English home language term test T1 2021 are awarded to Mpendulo Mbayo, 8E (18/20), rounded to 90%. The group average for the test was 56.6%. Well done, Mpendulo, feel free to brag about this outstanding achievement!

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