Gr 7

 Grade 7 Bragging Rights

Bragging rights awarded for some exceptional practical work by these Gr 7 learners!

Carl Draghoender, 7C, are allowed to brag with his excellent SS projects:

1. Showing his project poster on the history of slavery.

2. Carl Draghoender bragging with his excellent vulcano, great work!
3. And so is his Hurricane Katrina-project!

Below, Zimi Kaulela, 7C, shows off his excellent project-posters on Hurricane Katrina and slavery.

Emihle Ntombana, 7A, showing off her excellent handywork:

1. Building a volcano

2. A poster of Hurricane Katrina

3. A poster of slavery


Sovu Richards, 7A, showing off with three outstanding projects:

1. Building a volcano 

2. A poster of Hurricane Katrina

3. A poster of slavery


Reading, the key to success!

We are so proud of Jared Hess, Gr.7, who sets an excellent example to all Urbanites by spending his breaks reading books!

Way to go, Jared! May your peers soon realise that reading books helps to prepare us for much greater things in life!

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