Gr 11

Mathematic Literacy - Top Achievers Term 2, 2021

Urban Academy is very proud of the following learners who set the example of what can be done in Math Lit. Grade 11 Bragging Rights for subject achievement are awarded to the following three learners:

Highest mark for Math Lit Gr 11 achieved by MihleQangani, leading with 70%

Second place for Math Lit Gr 11 goes to Othimna Mjuleni with 69%

Ronald Baily takes up 3rd place for Math Lit Gr 11 with 68%.
Well done you guys and thanks for setting the example!


Tourism - Gr 11 Top Achievers Term 2, 2021

We are privileged to award some bragging rights for Gr 11 achievements in Tourism, well done guys, and feel free to brag with your achievements. We have a unique situation where the top spot in Grade 11 Tourism is shared by 3 learners who all achieved a whopping 92%. Great work, you three!

Lathitha Vondovondo sharing the top spot for Gr 11 Tourism with two more learners.
 Liyema Sigcawu, sharing the top spot for Gr 11 Tourism with 92%

Anelisiwe Cimi is the other top Gr 11 learner sharing the top spot with an exquisite 92%.


Top-5 Performers in Math Literacy, term1, 2021.

  1. Lungisa Tanali - 93%
  2. Mihle Qangani - 90%
  3. Cumisa Jack - 88%
  4. Victor Njenje - 81%
  5. Simamkele Bashman - 76%

The English stars that shine!

(These girls are wearing civvies as we waited until they came to fetch their term 1 reports before telling them about their achievements! Congratulations, ladies and yes, you may brag about your brilliant results!)

Lathitha Makwela: Highest mark for the EHL language test, received 31/35.

Cumisa Jack: Second highest mark for language test - received 30/35.

Olwam Ndzululeka: Sharing second place for Language test with Cumisa Jack - 30/35 AND is one of 5 learners that received 14/15 for listening comprehension.


Ziphozihle Ruda is another one of the 5 learners who received the highest mark for their Listening Comprehension - 14/15.


Athletics Bragging Rights Awarded to Lennon

Lennon Paiva Grade 11 (in the left), ran some amazing times at the Eastern Province Athletics Championships held on 26/03/2021.
100m- 3rd place 
200m- second place
Since there is no age-group school's athletics at present, Lennon runs for his club in the open competitions, competing against some older and very experienced senior athletes.
What an awesome and bragworthy achievement, Lennon!!! 

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