Gr 1

Gr 1A bragging rights

Gr1 B's, with their teacher Ms Adri Manley, deserves full bragging rights for their Heritage Day performance of "Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika"

Mrs Tammy Ross's Gr1 class is not scared of anything!

Whatch this cute video of them singing and showing what they believe! Big bragging rights awarded to you and your class for this one, Mrs Ross!


Building contractors in the making

The grade 1's did their housing activity for Life Skills on 4th June. They had to construct a house using recycled material. They very much enjoyed being building contractors.👷🏾‍♀️👷🏾‍♂️

Promise Gxina

Michelle Muhwahwa

Yididya Admassu

Boy: Raynard Tewu and Girl: Libonge Mhlalo

Our building contractors hard at work!

Save the Rhino!

Our grade 1's learnt in Life Skills about the rhino and some of them really deserved bragging rights with their playdough rhino creations. Below are 4 of them showing off their exceptional work! 

Promise Gxina and Lulonke Ndingane bragging with their rhinos

Nozthelo Kalolo and Lentswe Tandwa showing off their beautiful rhinos.

See our Ch-art

The grade 1's learnt the 'ch" blend this week and bragging here with
the fantastic 'ch' artwork they achieved. 
Back row: Ifoma Onuchulwu, Lingomso Adams, Othandwayo Lama, Owethu Ntombana, Simthandile Nomongo
Front row: Inam Vena, Yololwethu Zotwa, Ivakele Botha, Jordan-Chad Lettering

Neat as a pin!

These students' handwriting is something to admire and they are only 7 years old! They are: Trina Langmani, Likhanye Tshefuta, Simamkele April and Lwandle Gobodo.

To our mothers, with love!

Our Gr 1, bragging with the beautiful Mother's Day cards they made with great dedication at school.
Othithina Qumbelo, Othandwayo Lama, Avuzwa Banjwa, Owethu Ntombana, Luthando Twani

Kuthandekile Mbpngendlu and Yididya Admassu

Lutho Gaika, Alupheli Koko and Luthando Yali

Beautiful Earth Day

22 April 2021, our Grade 1's bragging with their beautiful earth pictures made for Earth Day, today. Well done, Gr. 1's!!!

Isaiah Dada, Trina Langmani, Lentswe Tandwa, Likhanye Tshefuta, Kuthandekile Mbongendlu and Oluthando Bomela.

Owethu Ntombana, Othandwayo Lama, Luniko Mangcangaza, Libonge Mhlahlo, Raynard Tewu and Aviwe Saliwa

"U" is for Umbrella

The Gr 1's painted and decorated umbrellas as they were learning the last phonic sound "u" - they will forever remember the "U" as it gave rise to some real bragworthy arty umbrellas to proud of!
Learners are from left (first picture): Likhanye Tshefuta, Promise Gxina, Lutho Gaika and Michelle Muhwahwa and Bryce Masawi, Luthando Twani, Aviwe Saliwa and Ifoma Onuchukwu in the second picture.

A full 100%

So proud. Simamkele April Grade 1A ,got 100% for his Afrikaans assessment, Term 1. And this is his third language, wow! A linguist in the making! 

Its all in the Math!

We are very proud of Oyintando Gijana and Alupheli Koko, both in grade 1A, for the way in which they have improved their Maths in only 3 weeks! Everytime we started with maths, they would both start crying, but after weeks of practicing and super-hard work they have excelled remarkably and can now brag with their excellent work!

See how we write!

Grade 1 learners Inam Vena, Luniko Mangcangaza and Owethu Ntombana proudly show off their beautiful writing skills which they have achieved after working extra hard on it. Well deserved bragging rights awarded for their outstanding work! 

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