Gr 3

 Grade 3 Bragging Rights awarded

Radiant positivity

Sisipho Hanana and Bukho Bikani are two very hard-working Gr 3 learners. They have excelled and all aspects and show that they really love it to give their very best at all times. Your teacher reports that it is an absolute pleasure to have you in her classroom and your ongoing positivity and happiness set a brilliant example to all learners!

Setting an example

Hlumelo Payi is a very kind, helpful and enthusiastic student. He is a keen learner and always perseveres and gives of his very best 😊 He really enjoys learning and loves being at school

Diligent learner

Sothando Zondi (Gr 3A)has excelled in all her subjects. She is an extremely diligent, hardworking learner. She has a love for learning and always gives her absolute best, setting an example to everyone! ❤

The kindest of them all

Zenande Mange is a Grade 3B learner. She receives bragging rights for the very best class behaviour.  She is always friendly and remarkably kind towards her peers. We thank you for always being polite, Zenande! 

Best reader

Asithandile Busakwe is a Grade 3B learner who distinguished herself English and Afrikaans reading. She got 100% for both her English and Afrikaans reading, making her the best reader in 3B. Well done, Asithandile!

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